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Minocqua is another very popular Northwoods wedding destination. Many families have gathered at their cabins and resorts for generations in Minocqua. Fun fact, did you know that Minocqua is named after, "Ninocqua", the Ojibwe name that is defined as "noon-day-rest"? We thought that is pretty cool, especially considering so many people come to the Minocqua area to rest and relax during their vacation or before their wedding. From the shores of Lake Minocqua to the Bear Skin Trail, there are so many beautiful photography locations throughout the Minocqua area for your wedding!

Some of our favorite wedding venues in Minocqua include Ruelands, Pointe Resort & Hotel, The Waters, Campanile Center, Minocqua Brewing Company and Norwood Pines. Contact Fornear Photo today for all of your Minocqua, Wisconsin wedding photography, family photography, portrait photography or event photography needs!

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