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Awesome! Fornear Photo is excited photograph
your Offbeat Bride or Northwoods wedding… THANK YOU!!!
But now what you ask?! Here are is a checklist of things to plan for and to expect
in the days, weeks and months leading up to your engagement, wedding and after!

Let’s Talk Engagement Shoot

• Think of a season or a date before the wedding that might work best for you and check with us to see if we have it available. Engagement shoots can happen anywhere from 1 year or more before your wedding up until about a month before, so if you think there is not enough time check with us because it might still actually be a possibility. We have photographed everything from craft beer to Lambeau Field engagements all over Northern Wisconsin like Eagle River, Minocqua & St.Germain, Central Wisconsin like Wausau & Stevens Point to larger cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and even St.Louis.

• We always get the question, what do we wear?! What we recommend is to wear something that you are comfortable in but most of all you!  We suggest bringing 2-3 outfit changes for each of you that include bright, coordinating but not matchy-matchy, colors & patterns. Think one casual, one dressy and then an extra like something to show off a hobby or favorite sports team.   Ladies, don't forget small details like your nails too as we would love shots of that awesome ring your partner got for you!

• Do you have an awesome hobby or passion? Show it off! Bring any special props you would like to incorporate such as blankets, banners, beer, chalkboards, bikes or activities like snowboarding, waterskiing, snowmobiles, bowling… you get the idea, we are up for anything! Oh and we love when our couples incorporate their furry members of the family also so if you have a pet they are more than welcome too.

• Typically we shoot engagement sessions Sunday afternoons though we are available most Monday-Thursday evenings as well. In regards to your engagement shoot please also check out our helpful hints & tips page!

• With the engagement sessions, you can expect to receive normally about 45+ digital images with a copyright release approximately 2-4 weeks after the photo session.

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Before the Wedding

• About a month before your wedding we will contact you as a reminder to start thinking about your “Must Have” and “Wish List” shot lists. We always have an arsenal of shots we gather for each wedding so no need to add things like “the first kiss”… we have that type of stuff covered! What we are really looking for from your “Must Have” list is very specific shots particularly with family members, group shots, a particular location, with a particular prop or maybe a special dance that is more of an inside joke within your family that we wouldn’t know. The “Wish List” is anything and everything you can think of that you would love to have but not be heartbroken if it wasn’t captured on the wedding day.

We ALWAYS have a copy of both of these lists on us the day of the wedding but it is always helpful to have a designated (and organized) bridesmaid or groomsmen that is familiar with your list too. This helps us especially with rounding up family members for the group shots so we can have extra time for the fun shots with the wedding party and alone time with the couple

• Consider an Unplugged Wedding. An Unplugged Wedding is when guests are asked to turn off all devices like cameras, iPads, and phones for your wedding ceremony so that they can truly be in the moment along with the happy couple. For us, the photographers, perspective this is a very useful tool to help keep guests in their seats and eliminate any accidental interference of our work because of a guest wanting to get a photo for themselves. We would be devastated if something like your first kiss was missed because a guest stepped out in front of one of our cameras as we were preparing to get the photo. Some couples go as far as banning photos the whole day but most just do so for the ceremony portion.

• If you do allow guest photography, at least at the reception, create your own wedding day hashtag so that you can easily find all of your wedding day photos that are tagged on social media. 

• Per our contract, the remainder of your balance is due one week before your wedding date. We have this system in place to eliminate one worry from your mind on the day of the wedding. That said, we recommend that about two weeks before your wedding this information is prepared. For electronic payments we accept Venmo, Chase QuickPay, or Zelle can be sent to or a check or money order can be made out to Fornear Photo mailed to the address below. Also, feel free to send us one of your wedding invitations too so we can also get shots of it for your wedding collection!

Fornear Photo
1387 White Pine Dr.
Eagle River, WI 54521

• In our contract, we always do our best to note the addresses of your ceremony & reception. If we will be taking any photos getting ready at another location besides those (like a salon for the gals) please send us the address and time that you would like us there at. These shots can be taken in a relatively short amount of time (about 30 to 45 minutes) and normally when you are finishing up so please advise us an arrival time accordingly.

• We always prefer to take shots of your reception location when it is decorated but before guests arrive on the day of the wedding. Dependent upon your wedding day schedule most times we get these shots before the ceremony. Please advise a contact name and phone number from the venue so we may coordinate directly with them to ensure we can get into the location to do this.

• Like the reception location, we like to get images of your place settings / cake / cupcakes  / desserts free of guests nearby. If you know when this will be delivered please advise. Again a contact name and phone number can be helpful as well.

After the Big Day

• We love for our clients to see a First Look of their wedding day images as soon as possible. Within 7 days after the wedding (normally on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) we post your wedding photos First Look images on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We totally encourage you to LIKE, TAG, SHARE too so please do!

• Between 4 to 16 weeks after your wedding all image editing will be wrapped up and mailed out to you. Depending upon the start time of your wedding day you can expect to receive 450+ digital images with a copyright print release.

• If you loved working with us as much as we loved working with you, we would flattered if you gave us a review on Google, WeddingWire, The Knot and Facebook!

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