Antigo, Wisconsin is a Northern Wisconsin community just outside of the Northwoods that is home to the Red Robins and not far from the Wolf River. With an urban downtown featuring lots of great old buildings, brick walls and even an old train there are lots of photo ops that an Antigo photographer would love!

If you and your love are tying the knot in or near Antigo (or having a Deerbrook wedding) some Antigo wedding venues include The Bass Lake Golf Course, The Deerbrook Hitching Post, North Star Lanes and even the very newest wedding location the Heinzen Peaceful Valley Pavilion (or simply known as the Heinzen Pavillion wedding reception). And don't forget if you have a cabin, own property or even can borrow someone's backyard any location can make for a memorable place to recite your vows!

If you are getting married in Antigo, us being Northern Wisconsin wedding photographers are only a short drive away. If you are looking for an Antigo wedding photographer we hope that you will consider Fornear Photo today!

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