Husband & wife photography team Matt & Krista of Fornear Photo featured on Offbeat Bride. Available for travel the Midwest & beyond!
  • Northwoods Wedding on Plum Lake
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  • Fornear Photo Wisconsin Northwoods Wedding
  • Fornear Photo Wisconsin Bride
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  • Fornear Photo Eagle River Wedding
  • Woodland Offbeat Bride Wedding by Photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Offbeat Bride Wedding by Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Milwaukee Wedding by wedding photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Rustic Green Bay Wedding by Wedding Photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Game of Thrones Central Wisconsin Wedding by Fornear Photo
  • Fornear Photo Las Vegas Zombie Wedding
  • Woodland Offbeat Bride Wedding by Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Northwoods Eagle River Wisconsin Wedding by Eagle River photographer Fornear Photo
  • Northern Wisconsin Wedding by Northern Wisconsin Photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Fornear Photo Milwaukee Wedding
  • Fornear Photo Milwaukee Bride
  • Northern Wisconsin Wedding Photography by Northern Wisconsin Wedding Photographer Fornear Photo
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  • Northwoods Eagle River Wedding by Eagle River Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Woodland Offbeat Bride Wedding by Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Fornear Photo Wisconsin Camp Wedding
  • Northwoods Wisconsin engagement photography by Midwest Wedding Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Green Bay Wedding by Green Bay Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Fornear Photo Minocqua, Wisconsin Family Photography
  • Fornear Photo Wisconsin Camp Wedding
  • Northwoods Wedding in Sayner, WI by Fornear Photo
  • Woodland Offbeat Bride Wedding by Photographer Fornear Photo
  • Fornear Photo Las Vegas Zombie Bride
  • Fornear Photo Wisconsin Northwoods Wedding
  • Fornear Photo Illinois Engagement Photography


Hi there! Matt & Krista of Fornear Photo here ~ we are Northwoods wedding photographers based out of Eagle River, Wisconsin the very heart of the Northwoods! While nothing beats taking photos in our own picturesque backyard of the Northwoods of Wisconsin we also love to photograph destination weddings throughout Wisconsin, the Midwest and beyond just as much! We love working with a wide range of clients. What’s most important to us is not only providing you with creative, professional quality photographs but to also walk away with a great experience of your time spent with us.


As a Northwoods wedding photographer we love working with all types of brides and grooms but where we really shine is with our creative Offbeat Bride weddings. Our images are colorful, fun and candid… just like you! No matter where you are getting married whether it’s an Eagle River Northwoods wedding or a Milwaukee, Minneapolis or Chicago one let Fornear Photo capture your special day.

We have snapped many unique weddings from different barn and rustic weddings to a Game of Thrones wedding, a Las Vegas wedding featuring a zombie bride and groom, a bowling wedding, an LGBTQ wedding and even a Halloween wedding. We are proud Offbeat Bride vendors and have even had our work featured there here and here. That said, if you think you are more of a tattooed bride or even a quirky or nerdy couple that would love a Star Wars ceremony or simply have craft beer flowing at your reception we love those things too and are happy to incorporate them and other interests you have into your special day. Photography by Fornear Photo has also been featured on Wisconsin Brides, WeddingWire and The Wall Street Journal. We love our clients and our clients love working with us too. Please take the time to check out what our past couples have had to say about us on WeddingWire, in addition, we have also won the WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award for three straight years!

Some of the desireable locations we have photographed weddings at in Wisconsin include: Black Bear Lodge in St.Germain, Wild Eagle Lodge in Eagle River, Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River,  Rueland's in Minocqua, Norwood Pines in Mincoqua, Jefferson Street Inn in Wausau, The Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, The New Berlin Ale House in New Berlin, Pearl Street Brewery in La Crosse, The Green Bay Botanical Gardens, Pamperin Park in Green Bay as well as Galleria Marchetti in Chicago, Illinois, Japenese Gardens of Rockford, Illinois, the Decatur Club in Decatur, Illinois and Scovill Golf Club in Decatur, Illinois. 


Engagement shoots are one of our favorite things to photograph! If you book our All Day wedding package we include a complimentary engagement session to not only get to know you and your interests better but for you get comfortable in front of the camera and to also know what to expect from us on your special day when we photograph your wedding. We have shot engagement sessions all over the Midwest including locations like: the Northwoods, rustic cabins, family lake house, downtown Eagle River, Wisconsin, Chapel in the Pines, in Three Lakes,  Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Miller Park in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Busch Stadium in St.Louis, Missouri, downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park in Chicago, downtown Minneapolis, the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin State Parks, Decatur, Illinois and several other places! 

Family Photographer

Are you from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Minneapolis or Chicago having a family reunion in the Northwoods and looking for a photographer? Well, you have come to the right place! Every summer countless families vacation in Northern Wisconsin where they have visited year in and year out. Whether you have a large multifamily gathering that you always want to remember, would like to capture your immediate family at your beloved cabin or even fall photos for your Christmas cards look no further than Fornear Photo as we would love to photograph that for you.


Though we are based in the heart of the Northwoods we serve all of Wisconsin but also have unions throughout the Midwest including locations for Northern Wisconsin weddings like: Eagle River, Minocqua, Hazelhurst, Boulder Junction, Ashland, Bayfield, Superior, Three Lakes, Park Falls, Land o’ Lakes, St.Germain, Sayner, Rhinelander, Tomahawk, Crandon, Hurley and Antigo. Central Wisconsin wedding locations like: Wausau, Stevens Point and Marshfield. Fox Valley wedding locations like: Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Elkhart Lake, Door County and Neenah. Upper Michigan wedding locations like:  Iron Mountain, Watersmeet, Marquette, Houghton and Ironwood. Minnesota wedding locations like: Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St.Paul and Duluth. Western Wisconsin wedding locations like: Hudson, Eau Claire and La Crosse. Southern Wisconsin wedding locations like: Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville and Kenosha. Illinois wedding locations like: Chicagoland, Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Wrigleyville, Rockford. Central Illinois wedding locations like: Argenta, Decatur, Springfield, Champaign, Bloomington and Normal.


If you are all set to book your Northwoods photographer contact Matt & Krista today start by heading to our  Get In Touch  page. Feel free to also email us at or call us at 715-513-7082. We can’t wait to get to know you today!

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